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2016 CHCC Economic Summit

Hispanic Small Businesses:  The Impact of Sustainable Water & Power

The California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce recognizes that the number one priority for California residents and businesses is job growth and economic sustainability. Sustainable water and power have become the core of political and economic debates in California. Small businesses, and ethnic communities in general have been severely impacted by regulations and new policies aimed at fixing California's sustainability crisis. The CHCC strives to engage small businesses, Latino leaders, energy providers, and elected officials to create comprehensive and feasible solutions.


12:00PM - LUNCHEON [Salon de Reyes]

The State of Hispanic Businesses in California
Speakers:    Mayor Robert Garcia – City of Long Beach
Rep. Alan Lowenthal – U.S. Congress
Remy Arteaga – Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative - Presentation

The historic record-level drought has drawn attention to California's neglected and unsustainable water management system. Small businesses from across the State have been significantly impacted. The legislature, government agencies, and local water districts continue to search for solutions to this severe issue. The complex, proposed solutions have ignited a division among communities and created the opportunity to develop innovative results.

Moderator: Victor Griego – Water Education for Latino Leaders
Panelists:   Patti Arlt – Metropolitan Water District of Southern California - Presentation
Reynaldo Cuevas - Strawberry Grower; Oxnard, CA
Martha Montoya – California Department of Food and Agriculture
Antonio Ortega – Imperial Irrigation District - Presentation


With the cost of energy vastly fluctuating and the demand for more reliable and affordable sources increasing, new alternatives have emerged as opportunities to revolutionize this sector. The utilities and oil and gas industries have a tremendous impact on the economic growth of the communities they serve and are critical to the infrastructure of a healthy business environment.  Identifying innovative energy solutions that are safe, reliable, and affordable is more than a topic of discussion; It's a necessity for small businesses.

Moderator:  Joe Alderete – Cadence Resource Group
Panelists:   Carlos Contreras - CRC - Presentation
Sam Jammal – SolarCity - Presentation
        Larry Labrado – Southern California Edison - Presentation
Jose L. Perez – Hispanics in Energy - Presentation


5:00PM - RECEPTION [Luna Solstice]
Celebrating Hispanic Small Businesses

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