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Legislative Priorities



Through its network of Hispanic chambers and business associations, the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce (CHCC) represents the business interests of over 700,000 Hispanic owned businesses throughout the State of California. CHCC focuses its proactive advocacy efforts on policies that align with the priorities established by the committee and lead to economic development for the California Hispanic small business community. Our advocacy efforts may include interaction with public and private institutions, as well as legislative changes at the municipal, county, state and federal levels that support small business advocacy.

Statewide Issues

CHCC supports legislative efforts in partnerships and programs that provide skill development training and business support. This includes career pathways programs and workforce development educational opportunities at community colleges, state universities, and local non-profit job training providers throughout California. CHCC supports legislation that expand work-based learning opportunities, urge financial aid tuition assistance to low-income high school students to make a successful transition to postsecondary education, and encourage implementation of program to assists English language learners.

The CHCC encourages legislators to evaluate all the cost increases together and determine the cumulative impact to small business.

      • Energy Costs (AB 32):  CHCC recognizes the need to improve air quality throughout the state. CHCC supports efforts by the governing agency to recognize the need to extend deadlines for compliance to small businesses whose business may close because of it.
      • Transportation:  CHCC recognizes the need for road repairs as our roads are more heavily used by commercial entities and the public. The CHCC supports the improvement of commuter and public transportation systems.
      • Water: CHCC supports comprehensive and affordable solutions to California’s water shortage. The associated costs of water regulations must be reasonable for businesses.

CHCC supports incentives that support the ability of small businesses to prosper and grow in challenged struggling communities throughout California. CHCC supports legislation that creates business improvement districts and employer tax incentives that enhances small business development and sustainability.

      • Taxes: CHCC supports a moratorium on business taxes and encourage re-instituting Net Operating Loss for businesses within its first five years of business.
      • Regulations: CHCC supports regulatory reform to provide an easier path and safe haven to assist those towards compliance. CHCC urges the Legislature to simplify workplace rules and laws, and at the same time to protect employers’ rights to manage their companies’ employees in an efficient, safe and productive manner.  
      • Lawsuits (ADA and Prop 65): CHCC recognizes some recent reform on ADA and Prop 65. CHCC supports and encourages major tort reform to protect all small businesses from frivolous lawsuits. 
      • Permit Streamlining: CHCC supports a“One Stop Shop” to apply for all federal,state and local registration, licenses and permits. This will allow a central location to make sure that all required documents have been properly applied for.

State & Federal Issues

CHCC supports efforts to enact comprehensive reform of immigration laws. CHCC recognizes that proposed reforms is the purview of the U.S. Congress and Federal Executive Branch. CHCC supports advocacy efforts at all levels of government that encourage immigration reforms that will help our diverse small business community and immigrant families that are trying to improve their quality of life in the pursuit of the American Dream.

The CHCC supports legislation that encourages all lenders – including large banks, small banks, community-owned credit providers, credit unions and alternative financial service providers – to lend capital to small business and consumers. The CHCC continues to support legislation that reduces regulatory burdens for small business owners and facilitates the exchange of capital to invest in growth opportunities. Regulations that provide more clarity, transparency of fees and competition between non-bank and bank products, will improve access to loans, reduce cost to borrowers, and most importantly, keep small business thriving. The CHCC supports and promotes the engagement in programs from the Small Business Association (SBA) and the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) related to federal and state lending programs.


CHCC supports efforts to reduce the cost of health insurance and increase the number of workers who have health insurance. Health care reform must provide for adequate grants, tax benefits and/or other means to improve the affordability and access of health care for Hispanic business owners. Any reform must also address the disparities in coverage often seen in Hispanic communities. CHCC opposes legislation that imposes an employer mandate, and a government-run health care program (single-payer).


CHCC supports legislation that improve job creation, expansion, and retention through specific efforts in addressing issues of lending discrimination to minority businesses, marketing, neighborhood development, small business start-up development, technology transfer, real estate development, state procurement, economic development and workforce investment. And, identify entrepreneurial opportunities related to emerging domestic markets (EDM). The CHCC supports state and federal policies that stimulate small businesses participation in economic development through international trade and commerce.