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The CHCC offers the following three types of memberships:

Chamber/Voting: Any business organization or other entity organized as a Hispanic chamber of commerce within the State of California, and which  

  • has at least twenty-five (25) active members in good standing of such business organization,  
  • meets and maintains the voting membership qualification criteria as established from time to time by the CHCC board of directors, and
  • has among its primary goals and purposes the promotion of the goals and purposes of the CHCC 

Affiliate/Non-Voting: Any non-profit entity established as a City chamber of commerce within the State of California; Any Ethnic business organization or Non-Hispanic Chamber of Commerce established in the State of California; Any Professional business organization with the primary purpose of advancing the shared goals of the CHCC; And, must have at least twenty-five (25) active members in good standing. 




Corporate: We strive to develop a secure, long-term commitment from our corporate members. Our mission is to develop and continually promote the growth of Hispanic businesses for the benefit of our members, corporate members and the overall economy of California. The California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce (CHCC) has three (3) levels of Corporate Membership: Chamber Champion, Corporate Partner, and Corporate Member.


In order to qualify for either “Certified” (Voting) or “Affiliate” (Non-Voting) or "Corporate" membership, a prospective member must align with the CHCC goals and purpose. 

For Membership/Certification Information Please contact the Alex Ayala at or (916) 444-2221.