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Posted on 5/15/2018 by California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce in endorse CHCC governor villaraigosa June2018 Election June 2018 election

SACRAMENTO, CA (May 9, 2018) – The California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce (CHCC) released the organization’s endorsement for the upcoming gubernatorial race in California. The statewide organization voted to endorse Antonio R. Villaraigosa for his strong and committed pro-small business stance on policy issues. This is the first time in the CHCC’s history that a candidate for governor has earned its endorsement. The endorsement was approved during the organization’s second quarterly directors meeting in Oakland, CA. The CHCC Board considered every candidate.

“The CHCC Board of Directors voted to endorse the Former Mayor of Los Angeles and Speaker of The California Assembly. For the small business community, job creation and economic prosperity will be the determining factor when casting their votes in the upcoming elections,” said Frank Montes, Chairman of the Board. “Antonio is a dedicated public servant who has earned the trust of communities across the state by engaging in both urban and rural settings and presenting his stance on numerous issues important to both small business and the general population,” Chairman Montes added. Mayor Villaraigosa has participated in several CHCC events; whereas, candidate Gavin Newsom has not responded to any of the organization’s invitations during the last four years. 

As Mayor of the City of Los Angeles, Mr. Villaraigosa reformed the city’s permitting process for new development, including establishing a Development Services Case Management Office to streamline the bureaucracy from requiring interactions with multiple departments into one centralized and streamlined process. Furthermore, Mayor Villaraigosa used procurement dollars to grow small business and create jobs by setting concrete goals to increase the number of small, women, minority, and disabled veteran-owned businesses that bid successfully for City contracts, including passing a Local Preference Ordinance, giving an eight percent competitive advantage to L.A. County businesses to help them compete.

As Governor of California, Mayor Villaraigosa will bring both large and small business leaders together to listen to their concerns and experiences and work to reach pragmatic solutions to difficult problems of regulation and standards. Mayor Villaraigosa is committed to making business and job creation a top priority beginning with making sure government is doing its part as well and as effectively as it can and by building on the work that the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development has undertaken. The CHCC is committed to keep him accountable for that promise. 

“I'm honored to have the endorsement of the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce. I recognize how important small business is to employing workers and growing our economy.  As Mayor, I worked to create opportunities for small businesses to thrive -- like championing the adoption of a three-year exemption from the gross receipts tax for new businesses.  As Governor, I will work with our entrepreneurs to identify best practices on what we should change, what we should improve and what we should eliminate," said Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

“This race is too important for small business, and the Hispanic community, to support a strong leader who can get the job done for all Californians. That is why for the first time in the CHCC’s forty-year history, we are proud to endorse Mayor Villaraigosa for governor,” said Julian Cañete, CHCC President/CEO.  “Mayor Villaraigosa recognizes the importance of supporting small business, and the correlation to job creation and the state’s economic growth.”