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Legislative Day

The CHCC will host its 15th Annual Legislative Conference on May 12, 2009 at the Sheraton Grand Hotel, Sacramento, California.
The Annual Legislative Conference provides a forum for participants to engage in the legislative process as well as an opportunity to stay on top of the issues that affect every Hispanic business in the state. Participants of the conference will be able to make a difference in the state’s focus and concentrate on priority issues facing small business.
The Conference exposes participants to multiple learning experiences, networking opportunities and tips for local grassroots involvement. Participants will be able to hear perspectives from a variety of respected officials, last year’s speakers included: Assembly Speaker Karen Bass, Assembly Minority Leader Mike Villines, Senator Rod Calderon and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson. CHCC participants will have the opportunity to participate in Capitol visits and discuss with key policy makers, issues that are pertinent to the growth of Hispanic businesses in California.
The 15th Annual CHCC Legislative Conference will close with a Legislative Reception. This reception provides attendees an opportunity to meet and socialize with legislators, legislative staff, state agency representative Hispanic business owners and community leaders from throughout the state.

Annual Convention

The CHCC annual convention will bring more than 3,000 entrepreneurs, small business advocates and corporate representatives together to Garden Grove August 13-15. This year’s convention  will celebrate the history of CHCC leadership, reflect on past accomplishments as well as promote the growth of Latino business in California and its contributions to the overall California economy. 

The goal of the CHCC's Annual Convention is to elevate discussion and participation among Hispanic business owners, corporate business leaders, community leaders, and government officials to address issues of relevance to the Hispanic business community. It offers participants the opportunity to learn the latest trends in business development, network with outstanding business professionals, and gain insights into growing and maintaining a successful business. The CHCC Annual State Convention is the premier business event for California’s emerging business community.

CAPS Program

The “California Academy of Professional Students” (CAPS) Program is a yearlong program designed as a resource for young and aspiring students who strive to serve in a leadership capacity.  In this initial re-design of the program, we will start with 8 students: 4 from the Cal State system and 4 from the UC system.  CAPS students must be 21 years of age, and in 2009, 8 CAPS students will be chosen from the following regions: Northern (2), Central (2), Inland Empire (2), and Southern (2). 

The CAPS Program begins with a day-long orientation the day before the CHCC Annual Convention where students will be taught practical skills to aid them in becoming successful leaders or entrepreneurs in his/her community.  As such, there will be requirements that each participant will need to fulfill during the Convention to ensure that their experience is truly an educational, as well as an eye opening experience. Through this program they will not only gain useful skills, but will have personal contact with successful entrepreneurs, corporate representatives, non-profit representatives, and members of the legislature.  New to the program will be the involvement with the Legislative Conference and a support network available throughout the year.  CHCC will network the students with the appropriate chamber in their local area.   Through the Foundation, CHCC will work to support the partnership with paid internships.
Applicants must:

  • Be 21 years of age prior to the CHCC Annual Conference
  • Have at least a 3.0 GPA
  • Be a full-time student with at least Junior standing or have obtained their Associate’s degree with proof of transfer to a four year institution for the upcoming academic year
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Be available without restrictions starting day prior (August 18) and day after CHCC Annual Conference (August 23)
  • Commit to volunteering at the CHCC Convention and/or their local Hispanic Chamber for 10 hours

Procurement Development Initiative

The CHCC Procurement Development Initiative, referred to as the “Program,” will be offered throughout the course of two years. The Program will offer hands-on training on the key elements of what it takes to become a qualified vendor for Corporate and government entities. It provides the tools necessary to build a company’s infrastructure so it can position itself to obtain contract and procurement opportunities within the public and private sectors. This Program will enable Hispanic businesses to develop key skills and qualifications to enhance their capacity and enable Hispanic business to develop key skills and qualifications to enhance their capacity and enable local Hispanic chambers to provide necessary technical assistance to their membership.

This Program focuses on major areas in which the CHCC will offer training and programs to increase the number of Hispanic businesses qualified to do business with corporate America and government agencies, increase the number of contract opportunities available, and provide an on-going mechanism to assist Hispanic businesses with procurement issues.

The CHCC will implement the use of distance learning software and technology programs to provide procurement training via webinars, on-demand video sessions, and online technical assistance.  This technology will allow business owners to schedule or view training sessions or previous seminars at a time that is amicable to their busy schedule.  The CHCC will conduct webinars in subject areas that include: Corporate, Utilities, State Agency, and Federal Procurement Opportunities.

The Program is comprised of the following four phases:

  • PHASE I: Chamber Track Series – Establishment of local chamber Procurement Assistant Centers (PAC’s)
  • PHASE II: Business Track Series – Business Procurement Training and Assistance
  • PHASE III: Chamber Track Series – Establishment of local chamber Procurement Assistant Centers (PAC’s)
  • PHASE IV: Business Track Series – Business Procurement Training and Assistance

Upon completion of the Program, over 420 vendors will be certified and will have a chance to present their products and services to corporate and government representatives.  In addition, 12 certified CHCC chambers will be trained to serve as procurement resource center’s (PAC’s) to their business members. 

PLEASE NOTE: An RFP will be sent to all certified CHCC chambers to bid as 1 of the 6 Procurement Assistance Centers in PHASE I of the Initiative before April 31, 2009.