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Annual CHCC California Hispanic Business Policy Summit Advocacy Briefing.

The mission of the CHCC Legislative Affairs Committee (LAC) is to provide effective governmental advocacy on behalf of the Hispanic business community to promote the interests of the small and ethnic business community toward the overall economic development of California.

The Committee supports the Legislative Conference, Legislative Receptions and identifies and proposes legislative positions on issues of concern.  Committee members or representatives may also testify at Legislative, Committee or Public meetings advocating on behalf of CHCC positions.

The LAC is the advocate for the Hispanic business community in California and Washington, D.C. Its responsibility is to identify and to report legislation at the state and federal level that impact business and to influence business-friendly legislation.  In many cases the LAC will not participate at the Federal level, deferring to the USHCC, however on priority matters such as immigration, trade, procurement and affirmative action the CHCC may take active positions.

The LAC is comprised of the Committee Chair and Vice-Chair, the Chair and Vice-Chair of the CHCC Board of Directors, the President/CEO, one or two representatives from each of the CHCC Regions (Central, Inland Empire, Southern, and Northern) appointed by the Chair of the Board of Directors, and the Chief Lobbyist. The Chief Lobbyist serves an administrative and advisory role with no-voting status. Participating CHCC Officers and CHCC Membership are encouraged to attend LAC meetings with non-voting status.  The CHCC provides one key staff member to support and coordinate committee activities.

Specific Duties of the Legislative Affairs Committee:

  • Identify the potential impact of legislation to Hispanic businesses
  • Review, research and make recommendations on, but not limited to, legislation emanating from the California State Legislature and United States Congress.
  • Create a list of legislative priorities and recommend action to the Board of Directors for review and approval.
  • Create a plan to deal with the legislative agenda and any other issues deemed appropriate by the LAC Chair.
  • Develop and maintain relations with political organizations as well as state and federal elected and appointed officials.
  • Serve as primary liaison with the CHCC Political Action Committee.
  • Encourage active participation in the legislative process (i.e., attend public hearings, sponsor legislation, and testifying on issues).
  • Respond to inquiries for support or information on legislative issues.  Conduct research as necessary to refine and develop positions.

Goals of the Legislative Affairs Committee:

  1. Establish strong relationships with the Latino Caucus leadership, and local members wherein those entities call CHCC for input for appointments, legislation and counsel.
  2. Host Regional Elected Roundtables
  3. Develop Legislative Report Card with high priority issues for in-house use
  4. Develop the curriculum for the Advocacy section of the CHCC Business Leadership Institute to establish an active presence of local chambers in statewide issues.