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Established in 2007, the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce Political Action Committee  (CHCC-PAC) is a non-profit,  non-partisan collaboration of business leaders, focused on protecting the interests of Hispanic owned businesses and businesses employing or supportive of the Hispanic business community.  Although a separate entity from the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce (CHCC), the CHCC Political Action Committee is closely aligned with the CHCC business interests from the political perspective.

CHCC-PAC was developed so that the Hispanic business community could have a greater impact on legislative campaigns.  It is currently comprised of 8 Board of Directors, who are recognized business leaders in the California Hispanic community.  CHCC-PAC accepts membership from the Hispanic business community and the general business community.  Categories of memberships for the organization include: Friends, Associate Members, Members, Corporate Members and Affiliate Organizations.

Prime candidates for membership status include individuals and organizations that value focused political representation of Hispanic Business interests and realize the importance of expressing their views via the aggregate voice of the CHCC-PAC as an influential instrument.  We believe that the participation of professional Hispanics and Latino business owners is essential to our success.  You can express that commitment through financial support and participation in CHCC-PAC activities.

From time to time, the CHCC-PAC sponsors events related to candidates or issues , which purpose is to demonstrate our support, both morally and financially, for candidates supporting development of the Hispanic business community.  In addition to fundraising events for specific candidates or issues, the CHCC-PAC activities may include, but are not limited to, candidate and ballot measure endorsement and contributions, voter registration, get-out-the-vote drives, conducting polls, surveys, mailers and other activities.

Although CHCC-PAC will focus its efforts on business friendly candidates and races within California, we anticipate additional influence with important State and Federal level issues and candidates.

Under California's campaign finance law, Proposition 34, individuals and companies are allowed to contribute up to $5,800 annually to a political action committee (PAC). Separately, per election, an individual or company may contribute $3,300 directly to a candidate.